Prior Mobile pre-paid Health Vouchers - the simple solution for access to Health
Our solutions
Individual Purchaser
Doctor (Family Practitioner)
How it works
Vouchers can be purchased through Retail Stores or directly off this web site. Employers may purchase directly off the web site, provided they are Registered
Once paid, the Voucher Number will be automatically sent to the Cell Phone Number of the User. The User can then present this Voucher to any one of our Doctors (Family Practitioners) for the Patient Visit / Consultation. There are thousands of Doctors already in our Prior Health Service Provider Network. However, these will only become active in the Areas as and when we roll out.
As you the patient attend the Doctor, show your Health Voucher No. on your cell phone. The Doctor will check the Voucher is valid, then attend to your Consultation. (You do not pay the Doctor). On completion, the Doctor will Redeem the Voucher from Prior, who will pay for the Consultation / Health Service directly to the Practice.
Our offerings
Dr Consultation & Medicine
Clinic Vouchers
Dental Vouchers
Health Assessment Vouchers
Chronic Medication Vouchers
Dr Consultation ONLY
Traditional Health Practitioners
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