Prior Mobile pre-paid Health Vouchers - the simple solution for access to Health

The advent of information and communication technology has ostensibly altered life experience as we know it throughout the world. Mobile technology has provided to this platform a projection that is hitherto unprecedented in availability, affordability, ease of use and adaptability. No part of living as we have experienced and are experiencing is untouched by technology and of late the mobile phone.
We are convinced that the expedient and smart use of mobile technology in health service has the real impact of addressing challenges like easily identifying and locating health service points, limited access into the health service continuum, long waiting times due to complex administration, absence or limited capturing and storage of critical health records and making them available without any difficulty, any absence of secure and easy mechanisms for payment that is guaranteed, real-time and reliable. It is with this approach that we proudly present our solutions to the RSA and the World
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